Maîtres mots

  • Il y a longtemps que notre pays est beau mais rude.

       --Newspaper editor Olivier Séguret, 25 January 2012

    The USA are entirely the creation of the accursed race, the French.

       --Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966), writing to Nancy Mitford, 22 May 1957

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French Freedom of Speech

Today the cheminots are:

  • "À nous de vous faire préférer le train!"
    "Voyager autrement"
    "Avec le SNCF, tout est possible"
      --Former ad slogans of the SNCF (French national trains), each in turn quickly dropped

Fun French words

  • grouillot

    Etymology: from groule, an apprentice who must se grouiller, rush around on errands.

    Mais enfin je ne suis pas tout à fait le grouillot de service.
      --Anne Baldassari, fired as director of the Picasso Museum, on reports that she might be asked to supervise the hanging of the paintings for the (very eventual) reopening of the Museum.

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O.M.G. is right. I'd heard about the scandal of what passes for care for autistic children in France and was wondering if there had been any change. Thank you for your post. I hope the documentary does a lot of good.

Recent research indicates that Autism has nothing to do with psychoanalytic thought. It is sad that France lags behind the rest of the world in the treatment of Autism.
This also holds true in their treatment of the handcap person.

I had no idea that the French thought that. I'm kind of shocked and honestly am a bit worried now. My brother who has a mild form of autism will be visiting France in a couple weeks with our mother. It's possible they will not notice he is a little off since he speaks a different language but I hope nobody harasses them or says anything nasty to my mother who is by far one of the sweetest women I know.

I think you're pretty safe if he's a visitor. Most younger people don't believe this stuff any more but the shrinks still have a grip on the institutions. Sad.

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Today's quotation

  • Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.

      --Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Le petit aperçu d'Ailleurs

  • The cheminots or employees of the SNCF (French national trains, toujours eux) go on strike so often that there is now a card game called the "Cheminot Simulator," in which the goal is to cause as much grief to passengers as possible.

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