Maîtres mots

  • Il y a longtemps que notre pays est beau mais rude.

       --Newspaper editor Olivier Séguret, 25 January 2012

    The USA are entirely the creation of the accursed race, the French.

       --Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966), writing to Nancy Mitford, 22 May 1957

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French Freedom of Speech

Today the cheminots are:

  • "À nous de vous faire préférer le train!"
    "Voyager autrement"
    "Avec le SNCF, tout est possible"
      --Former ad slogans of the SNCF (French national trains), each in turn quickly dropped

Fun French words

  • ouistiti

    (literally: marmoset)
    Etymology: onomatopoeia from the sound a marmoset makes. Actual meaning: this is what you say in France when you want people to smile for the camera.

    Selon une étude réalisée par le fabricant d’appareils photo Nikon, le « ouistiti » utilisé en France au moment de se faire prendre en photo est le petit mot le plus efficace pour s’assurer un joli sourire.

Who's en colère today?

  • Private sector

    First strike in 43 years at an aeronautics company in Toulouse, Latécoère

    Public sector

    The SNCF (toujours eux), regional train employees in the Lyons area guaranteeing unpleasant travel from the 17th-21st December
    Also yet another strike by Sud-Rail, a particularly truculent SNCF union in the south of France, this time five days in January: 6,7, 21, 22 and 23. "We have no choice." Right.

    Marseilles trams on strike until February

Go back to school in Paris!

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Funny to hear your view on galette. I am not certain that "nobody bakes" but that does seem to correlate with the outrageous prices boulangeries charge for my favorite pastry. My mother being culinarily inclined always makes her own (which is often better than store-bought). It's still a very popular holiday in France so that might account for the premium, but around €45 a pie (around Paris) it seems like robbery!

The first time I saw a King's cake after I moved to Houston I was shocked by the bright purple and green icing. Now that I never see them in LA I miss them (though I never bought one!) I'm not fond of King's cake's too sweet taste and oversized day-old donut feel. But I still observe Twelfth Night and Epiphany and all the good times (especially that last crazy week) til Lent. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

€45 a pie !!!

It's more than robbery !

Traditionaly Galette des rois was eaten in the North and Centre of France only.
In the south of France people did eat 'couronne des rois' which is a kind of hoop-shaped brioche flavoured with orange blossom water, and decorated with crystallized fruit and sugar drops. When I was a kid (I'm now 38) you could not find galette des rois in the south!

Then 20 years ago bakeries in the south of France began to sell galettes - yet in the north you still seldom find couronnes des rois

Galette des rois are very easy to cook (needs only 10 mins to prepare)and in my children's school many mums bring homemade galettes.Look at 'galette à la frangipane' in any cookbook, you'll find the recipe easily, and even kids can cook some very easily

Gateau des rois is much more difficult to bake (the brioche paste is very sticky and needs a lot of 'pétrissage' before you can manage to shape a hoop).

As for the 45 € Stephane paid, it is robbery indeed... This morning I bought 20 € in the best bakery of my town (Antony) a fantastic galette for 8/10 persons)

I have seen at tv this week that the frangipane galette des rois is made with a HUGE amount of butter (around 1 kg for a normal sized galette).

Like Maïté the cook godess could have not said (

"Eat the galette, then start the diet" lol.

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Today's quotation

  • In Paris, the purest virtue is the object of the filthiest slander.

      –Honoré Balzac (1799-1850), in Scènes de la vie privée

    À Paris, la vertu la plus pure est l'objet des plus sales calomnies.

Le petit aperçu d'Ailleurs

  • Annual Geminids meteor shower (shooting stars!) coming this weekend, if it's not too cloudy out at night.

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